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Tips to Make your Car Safe for a Baby*

Do you have some pint-size passengers? When driving with little ones in the vehicle you want to make sure they are snug-as-a-bug and SAFE! Here are a few tips we thought you might want to use (at your own discretion, of course):

Make sure the car seat is installed correctly. Read and follow the car or booster seat instructions carefully! It feels obvious, but car seats are consistently being improved & invest a few minutes in reading how best to use infant carriers, rear & front facing car seats and booster seat so all little ones are secure and ready for the drive.

No bulky blankets and puffy coats. It’s recommended that when you are placing a baby or toddler in the car seat, make sure the harness is only against light clothes. Harness straps over blankets or puffy clothes can leave slack and won’t restrain them as well as needed in the event of a quick stop or an accident.

Position the harness straps correctly. For a rear-facing seat move the harness level with or just slightly below the shoulders. This will help prevent the child from moving upwards if a crash were to happen.

As always, refer to specific instructions from the manufacturer on the best & more safe ways to use your car seats OR contact a local police department for upcoming child car seat safety checks in your community!

*always do you own research and all tips here are suggestions & follow all instructions from car seat manufacturers for specific safety information.

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