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It's All Fun & Road Trips Until the Car Breaks Down

First day of summer is June 20th! It’s now a time when many of us will use our cars for family vacations and Road Trips!

With more cars on the road there is a higher risk of car accidents.

Summer is also dangerous because the warmer weather increases the risk for tire blowouts and overheated engines, which could lead to accidents or breakdowns.

The best way to prevent breakdowns is to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle, including:

  • Oil changes

  • Tune-ups

  • Tire rotations

  • Fluid refills

  • Replacing wiper blades

  • Servicing your air conditioning

Checking your tires is particularly important during the summer because there is a higher risk of tire blowouts due to higher temperatures and increased mileage. You can find the appropriate tire pressure on the label inside your doorframe, not on the tire itself.

If you are unsure about how to inspect the rest of your vehicle, take it to a qualified mechanic to find out if anything is in need of repair.

Be safe out there; we hope you enjoy your summer trips!

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