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Is Your Vehicle Too Damaged to Drive?

You get into a fender bender or accidentally hit an “out of nowhere” pole and you are wondering… can I still drive? Your safety is priority! Here are some things to check before you drive:

Headlights & Taillights It is important to check to see if your headlights and taillights are functioning properly. Not only is it illegal to drive without them working but this can be dangerous to you and others.

Leaking Fluids If there is ANY leaking fluids coming from your car, it can be far too dangerous to drive. This could be your antifreeze or coolant which can cause your engine to overheat. Oil leaks can cause engine damage, break fluid leaks can cause break failure. You never know what could happen and you do not want to make your vehicle worse.

Side Mirrors If you have both of your side mirrors missing, you may get pulled over. It is also dangerous to drive without functional mirrors and can put you and others in danger.

If you are only missing your passenger mirror, you can drive. Your rear-view mirror compensates for the missing passenger mirror.

Wheels You need to make sure your wheels are properly aligned before driving. If you have a faulty alignment, this will cause your vehicle to pull to one side and can cause you to service into another lane of traffic.

Hood Make sure the locking mechanism is not broken for your hood. You do not want your hood to pop open while you are driving down the road. If you are hood is damaged at all, this can cause air pressure to build up and push the hood open as well.

Lackey Body Works cares about your safety! Don’t waste your time getting multiple estimates when you can text ESTIMATE to 833.222.2168! Bring your vehicle to see us so we can make sure it looks good as new 😉

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May 07, 2022

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