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How Do You Avoid Roadside Collisions When Your Car Stalls

Your engine stalling can happen to anyone at any time! There are so many different reasons why this could happen, but we want your first thought to be about your safety. When you notice your engine giving out, guide your vehicle to the side of the road. As you call someone to come help, make sure that you’re paying attention to your roadside safety. Here is how:

1.) Remain in Your Vehicle Especially if you are on a main highway, STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE. Turn your emergency flashers on while you wait for assistance. This will make it easier for drivers to see you and move over, and this is very helpful for when it’s dark or raining. If you have your emergency flashers on, it might also grab the attention of a passing officer that can help right away.

2.) Do Not Push If you are not able to get your vehicle to side of the road in time, do not push. Pushing can lead to dangerous situations for you and those who are helping you. It only takes one person that is not paying attention to hurt someone. Be patient and wait for roadside assistance. Do not get caught up with the road rage drivers around you, just know you are doing your best to keep everyone safe at that time.

3.) Make Immediate Calls It might be easier for you to call a friend or a family member during this time but for the best help, call a roadside assistance professional. This can ensure the safety of you and your passengers. Bringing more non-professionals to the scene can cause accidents, especially if you are in traffic.

4.) Keep Your Seatbelt On If you are stalled on the road, rear-end collisions can happen when drivers are not paying attention (put your cell phone down, everyone!). If you are not wearing your seatbelt, this can cause injuries to you and other passengers.

Always remember to make safety first for you and your family 😊

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