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How Do They Find My Vehicles Exact Color?

How Do They Find My Vehicles Exact Color?

You get hit and part of your vehicle looks like a mess! You need to have it fixed as soon as possible!

When repairers have to paint just a small section of your vehicle, things get more complicated than if they were painting the whole vehicle. They must match the color perfectly and that can be hard due to custom paint jobs or just having an uncommon color on your vehicle. Thanks to new technology, repairers are great at matching your car's color. You might be worried that your vehicle will never be the same, but a reputable body shop should be able to seamlessly dial in your color and hue.

To locate a matching paint color for a damaged car, technicians use a special device called a spectrophotometer. This device measures the amount of light in conjunction with the exact hues on a vehicle. This information then is paired with the vehicles VIN number to electronically locate the exact paint formula on your vehicle. The pain color is then replicated and applied over the damaged area of the car. It should match your vehicle PERFECTLY!

The spectrophotometer is one of the many technologies used by collision repair professionals. With the assistance of cameras and computers, technicians in body shops can now work with much more accuracy. This technology also assists technicians return cars to their owners looking better than they did before.

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