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Downfalls of Letting Body Damage “Sit”

It’s likely your vehicle will gain a few scratches or dents during its lifetime: you back into something, someone back into you, or hail hits. You might just brush it off and try to deal with it as long as you can but it’s more beneficial for you to get it taken care of right away. Here is why…

  1. You Maintain the Vehicles Value Looks matter. Right when you get a scratch or small dent, the value of your vehicle goes down. If you want to sell or trade in your car someday, this could hurt you financially. You will want to get the best price for your vehicle and having scratches and dents will not get you there. In fact, a lot of people like to buy vehicles with physical issues like that just to fix it up and sell it for a higher price. Why not just do that for yourself?

  2. It Stops it From Getting Worse Ignoring small scratches can escalate into big issues quickly. Paint isn’t just a color on older vehicles, it helps protects it from rain, snow, dirt, and more from additional damage like hurting the quality of the metal underneath. Depending the depth of the scratch, it can corrode the metal and rust, even on a new car.

  3. It Prevents Issues You CAN’T See If your vehicle has a plastic, flexible bumper cover, you might actually have more damage than you thought. Larger dents and damages can impact your car’s overall stability when you are on the road.

Don’t assume that the damages are just what you can see. Lackey Body Works can tell you whether it’s just a cosmetic issue or whether there is something more serious going on. Do not wait to get small issues fixed, this will only cost you more time and/or money in the long run.

Lackey Body Works is here for you, whether the problem is big or small, call us for your Gold Class services today 😉

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