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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and YOUR Vehicle

What is ADAS?

Who remembers the cartoon The Jetson's? It seemed like a fantasy, total make-believe that a vehicle could drive or fly around without a person having to steer it!! But thank goodness for technological breakthroughs and the integration of Advanced driver-assistance systems---ADAS for short--- into our normal, everyday cars, trucks and SUVs!!

These electronic systems that assist us with driving and parking functions and using safe human-machine interfaces, ADAS can increase car and road safety! Awesome, right?!! ADAS systems use automated technology, such as sensors, cameras, lidar {Light Detection and Ranging} and radar, to detect nearby obstacles or driver errors, and respond accordingly. 

Blind spot monitoring, lane departure, night vision, collision avoidance and backup cameras are all examples of ADAS that we have all gotten pretty accustomed too using every time we climb in the car. Your car in the garage right now probably has at least one or more ADAS system!  This technology greatly improves safety on the road for all of us and while these systems cannot prevent all human errors or collisions, they do potentially reduce the severity and decrease the chances of injury to those driving/riding in the vehicle.

Many people are making new car buying decisions with a lot of emphasis on the ADAS available, industry experts believe that in the next 10-20 years all vehicles on the road will have multiple ADAS components, therefore reducing insurance costs and property damage….and most importantly saving lives!

Here's what we want you to remember: these advance systems can be damaged and thus provide incorrect data to a driver even in a minor collision.  Your bumper may only be slightly dented after hitting the light pole at the grocery store, but that can have a major impact on the ADAS system and it’s ability to sense obstacles around you!

Always choose an ICAR certified collision repairer --- ahem, your Team at Lackey Body Works ;) --- who has the training, tools and expertise to properly repair this sophisticated technology so your family is 100% safe!
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