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100 Millions Lines of Code?!!

Did you know that even a simple fender-bender can mean an in-depth collision repair?? Don't miss this, friends: THIS is why you choose an auto body shop with the experience, training (every one of our tech as iCar #GoldClass certified!!) and a proven reputation to get you back on the road 100% safe with NO evidence that you were ever in an accident!⁣

...but we have some fun facts for you to consider, check these stats out:

•a Boening 787 uses 14 million lines of code to fly⁣

• F-35 Fighter Jet uses 24 million lines of code defend the skies⁣

• a large Hadron Collider--the world's largest machine utilizes 50 million lines of code to function ⁣

Those are numbers that are hard to even comprehend, right?!! But did you know that YOUR average high-end car uses⁣ a 100 MILLION lines of code⁣ just to drive to work, take the kids to school, go on that family road trip!!!

⁣Can you believe that?!! ...So why would you ever settle for a sub-par collision repair for minor or major damage :)

Team Lackey's has the training & experience and the most exceptional quality materials to get your vehicle repaired RIGHT with no hassles, exceptional, turnkey collision repair every time!!⁣

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